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Questions & Answers

This series of lessons come from our viewers. These are questions that have been submitted from men and women looking for Bible answers to Bible questions.

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Q&A-8 - Questions 36-41

From our Q & A Series. Questions asked by YOU, our viewers, answered with Bible.

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Bible Questions #15:
As a very young child I was baptized into the Lord’s church. The only problem is I don’t really know if I understood why and was mature enough. Should I be re-baptized?
Bible Questions #16:
I often hear people talk about the security of the believer. When asking about this they said that a Christian does not have to worry about being lost because once he is saved he can never be lost. Is this doctrine true according to Scripture?
Bible Questions #17:
I work in a factory and many of the people I work with claim to be Christians. However, most of them curse and use bad language. Can you give me some Scriptures about cussing?
Bible Questions #18:
My mom believes that it doesn’t matter what you believe or teach, everyone is going to be saved. What does the Bible say about this?
Bible Questions #19:
We have friends who are sects off of the Mormon church and they believe in Polygamy. Is polygamy sinful in the Bible?
Bible Questions #20:
I often see the 10 commandments at public buildings and I have friends who believe we should keep the 10 commandments today. Are the 10 Commandments binding on Christians today?