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Questions & Answers

This series of lessons come from our viewers. These are questions that have been submitted from men and women looking for Bible answers to Bible questions.

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Q&A-7 - Questions 31-35

Bible Questions #11:
I am dating a man who has been married and divorced several times. Is it okay to date him and what does the Bible say about marrying someone who is divorced?
Bible Questions #12:
What do we do when the law of the land says one thing and the law of God says something totally different? Who should we obey?
Bible Questions #13:
Why do some religious groups refer to their leader as “father” and others refer to them as “pastor” or “reverend”? Are those titles that men should wear today?
Bible Questions #14:
I have always struggled with pornography. Is pornography sinful? If so, how do I overcome this in my life?