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Questions & Answers

This series of lessons come from our viewers. These are questions that have been submitted from men and women looking for Bible answers to Bible questions.

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Q&A-5 - Questions 21-25

Bible Questions #1:
Dear Sir, Do you believe that God heals people today?
Bible Questions #2:
How Do I get God’s Guidance and Where do I go from here in life?
Bible Questions #3:
The Roman Catholic Church is trying to stop Cremation for Funerals They only want to do full Burials. They claim this way the full body and soul reach Heavenly Father Complete....I am for Burial..What does the Church of Christ teach on this?
Bible Questions #4:
2 Cor. 6:17 & 1 Thess. 5:22
Please explain these two verses. I heard one say to not go around people who are not or have not obeyed the Gospel...If I go some where to a family member house and they are drinking and etc I would leave...but just to visit is that wrong? 
Bible Questions #5:
Please explain why Christians  no longer have to adhere to the law of Moses. There is a growing movement that claims faith in Christ and binding the Law of Moses.