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Questions & Answers

This series of lessons come from our viewers. These are questions that have been submitted from men and women looking for Bible answers to Bible questions.

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Q&A-4 - questions 15, 17, 19-22

Should we fear the Lord today or should we respect Him? What does the Bible say about Christians fearing the Lord?
Sometimes I see people sing happy birthday to Jesus and have a birthday cake and a party for him on December 25th. Does the Bible say that is his birthday & should we be celebrating it?
What is the Rock Jesus built the church on Mt. 16:18-19. Is it Peter?
I know some congregations that don’t have or are not trying to have elders today. Should the church have elders today?
It seems like every time I go to church they are asking me for money. I got so tired of this. What does the Bible say about the church asking for money?
I recently heard someone say the Apostle Peter was also the first Pope? Is this true and what evidence is there of this in Scripture?